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Me and my best friend when we know it’s about to be a good night



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When you look more closely at your ‘best’ subject


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at the end of each revision day


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A series of questionable actions

After a pretty intense exam term and rowing galores, it’s finally may week. And whilst I may have been unceremoniously dumped yesterday morning, this week is my second year may week, and I will not allow it to be trodden on, so in response to this dumping I may have gone on a bit of a bender, chain smoked through out the morning with coffee and game of thrones, after an evening of booze, made in Chelsea and man size tissues. I do however feel a lot better, I think perhaps that if that was all that was needed maybe all is for the best, maybe I didn’t really care so much anyway. Hopeful, hopeful.

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"It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read."

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My so-called life on the set

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